5th International Caparica Symposium on Nanoparticles/Nanomaterials and Applications 2022

24th – 27th January 2022 | Caparica | Portugal

Dear Colleagues and friends

On behalf of the organizing committee, we are delighted to welcome you to Caparica (Lisbon, Portugal), for the 5th International Symposium on Nanoparticles-Nanomaterials and Applications (5th ISN2A-2022).

The Symposium will take place in Costa de Caparica (http://vimeo.com/4939136) the 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th of January 2022.

We cordially encourage you to attend and contribute to one of the major events in 2020 on the – Nano field.

We are confident that you will appreciate the breadth and quality of the scientific program and the city of Caparica, and look forward to seeing you in 2022 in Portugal.


Yours truly
J. L. Capelo

C. Lodeiro
Conference chairs
On behalf of the organizing and scientific committee

Plenary Speakers

Thomas Webster, PhD

Affiliation: Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts (USA)

Title: 4D Printing: Control of Nanomaterial Shape On-Demand From Outside the Body For Improving Medicine.

Curtis Berlinguete, PhD

Affiliation: Canada Research Chair in Energy Conversion – The University of British Columbia (Canada)

Title: Converting Captured CO2 Directly into Fuels.

Ramon Martinez Mañez, PhD

Affiliation: Polytechnical University of Valencia (Spain)

Title: Engineered Nanoparticles as Nanomotors and in Chemical Communication Applications.

Sara E. Skrabalak, PhD

Affiliation: Indiana University Bloomington (USA)

Title: Multimetallic Nanocrystals by Design.

Laurent Boneviot, PhD

Affiliation: ENS Lyon (France)

Title: Interfacial chemistry and porous nanoparticles.

Anna Roig, PhD

Affiliation: Materials Science Institute of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC) (Spain) 

Title: Healthcare applications of microbial nanocellulose materials.

Isabel Pastoriza-Santos, PhD

Affiliation: University of Vigo, CINBIO (Spain)

Title: Plasmonic-MOFs nanohybrids: a Tale of Sinergy.

Ruibing Wang, PhD FRSC

Affiliation: University of Macau (Macau-China)

Title: Supramolecular marriage between nanomaterials and live cells for targeted drug delivery.

Ramon Martinez Mañez, PhD

Affiliation: Polytechnical University of Valencia (Spain)

Title: Avaliable soon.

Colin P. Nuckolls, PhD

Affiliation: Columbia University (USA)

Title: New Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion.



Title: Avaliable soon.

KPRK Talks



Title: Avaliable soon.

Keynote Speakers

Massimo La Deda, PhD

Affiliation: The University of Calabria (Italy)

Title: Multifunctional gold nanoparticles as energy transduction systems.

Kerstin Blank, PhD

Affiliation: Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces (Germany)

Title: Mechanoresponsive Proteins: from molecular mechanisms towards applications in biology and materials science.

Inge Zuhorn, PhD

Affiliation: University of Groningen, University Medical Center Groningen (The Netherlands)

Title: Development of nanogels for drug delivery to glioblastoma.

Eulalia Pereira, PhD

Affiliation: LAQV-REQUIMTE, Science Faculty, Porto University (Portugal)

Title: Avaliable soon.

Paulo Ferreira, PhD

Affiliation: Professor, IST, University of Lisbon and Head of the Center for Advanced Electron Microscopy, Imaging and Spectroscopy at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (Portugal)

Title: Understanding Nanoparticles by Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy.

David Alsteens, PhD

Affiliation:  UC Louvain (Belgium)

Title: Avaliable soon.

Karthik Shankar, PhD

Affiliation: Alberta University (Canada)

Title: Nanostructured Plasmonic Heterojunctions for the Production of Solar Fuels.

Jose Miguel Garcia Martin, PhD

Affiliation: Instituto de Micro y Nanotecnología, CSIC (Spain)

Title: Nanocolumnar films by magnetron sputtering: applications in medicine and energy.

Michael Hausmann, PhD

Affiliation:  Germany – Intersted (Germany)

Title: The impact of nano-partcles and ionizing radiation on chromatin in cell nuclei as detected by nanoscopy.

Jonathan Bird, PhD

Affiliation: Department of Electrical Engineering, University at Buffalo,The State University of New York (USA)

Title: Hot-Carrier Phenomena in 1D and 2D Nanomaterials.

Lilac Amirav, PhD

Affiliation: Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (Israel)

Title: Avaliable soon.

Hicham Fenniri, PhD

Affiliation: Northeastern University (USA)

Title: Self-Assembled Rosette Nanotubes-siRNA Delivery Systems for Cancer Gene Silencing.

Guang Chu, PhD

Affiliation: Aalto University (Finland)

Title: All-Aqueous Liquid Crystal Emulsions Composed by Binary Demixed Polymers and Permeable Self-assembled Cellulose Nanocrystals.

Dipanjan Pan, PhD

Affiliation: University of Maryland at Baltimore (USA)

Title: Amplification-free Translatable Geno-sensing Approaches for COVID-19 with Single Virus Sensitivity using Mutationally Conserved Antisense Oligonucleotides.



Title: Avaliable soon.

Hotel Aldeia dos Capuchos

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We look forward to seeing you soon.

With kindest regards